I can only recommend everyone to attend English courses at Phoenix School of Languages. Katie is a very amusing, extroverted, but also kind and patient teacher. Her lessons are well organized and she can very easily adjust to students' needs. Learning at Phoenix is also pretty intensive, as we work only in small groups (about six people) and have to interact all the time. The classrooms in the new location have warm and cosy atmosphere and are equipped with modern technologies. It is a great place to learn and prepare for exams as well as to make new friends from different countries.

Barbara Krausova from The Czech Republic

I did an exchange course in the Phoenix school of languages that was very important to develop my listening, speaking and writing skills in English. The classes with lovely Katie were dynamic and crucial in the development of my knowledge for the English language. Learning English in this course allowed me to immerse myself in to the British culture and to communicate with people from different countries, it was an amazing experience. The best experience I've ever had.

Ana Luisa Prado, Brazil

My name is Serena I went in England 2 years ago, and I attended the Phoenix School a very good school, where I improved my English and I found a beautiful, familiar and friendly place. I felt welcomed and I met a lot of people from different countries and I made friends with them and shared my free time.

Serena Martinelli, Italy

It's a welcoming and friendly environment where you make new friends easily and you learn from other cultures while studying English. The teacher is a dedicated and amicable person who helps you with anything anytime.

Leyslanne Marins, Brazil

My name is Ana Livia, and I’m a student from Brazil. Studying at the Phoenix School was for sure one of the greatest and more rewarding experiences of my academic life. My English got 100% better with the course I took and I also had a great result in the IELTS test, which is very hard, all thanks to Katie’s amazing teaching skills and the great material that Phoenix has. I recommend this school to anyone that is interested in learning.

Ana from Brazil

I found Phoenix school to be a small, professional and friendly environment to learn English, the classes were very well organised and the approach was structured to meet all levels and nationalities. Overall this school gave pupils confidence to learn in happy environment and enjoy the experience.

Lina Maria from Colombia

I really enjoyed the English lessons at Phoenix in Yeovil with the teacher Katie Cox. She is characterized by her warm, open and uncomplicated nature. She always has and gives you a good mood and I really looked forward to meeting her and the others of the group weekly. Her teaching style is very broad. Katie is able to create a very good mix of encouraging, demanding and promoting pupils. One of Katie's big strengths is, she takes you as you are. Therefore I could choose my individual learning speed and way, which was very important to me and for my learning process. The school has modern technologies and it's good value for money. Last but not least, the chance to meet people in her school from all around the world and the possibility to make friendships is priceless. I would choose her school again on my next stay and can only recommend it.

Karin Züger from Switzerland

Phoenix School of Language was an amazing place to learn - the atmosphere was relaxed but also we were productive. Compared to the typical school-lessons I experienced the best English lessons I have ever had at this school.

Sabrina Hofmann from Germany